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George Huang

George Huang

Huang is introduced in the episode “Pique” (#42). He is both an FBI Agent and the resident forensic psychiatrist and criminal profiler[1] for the Special Victims Unit. He provides them with expert analysis of crime scenes and suspects. His vast knowledge of forensic psychology and psychopathology lends him a preternatural ability to understand, empathize with, and predict the actions of suspects as well as victims. He also has extensive knowledge in the fields of theologyethnic studies, and forensics, and speaks fluent Chinese.

Despite a rocky start with the SVU detectives, they seem to have come to trust Huang implicitly. However, his opinion is not always appreciated; he sometimes agrees with the diagnoses of mental illness provided by defense attorneys and their psychiatrists, making it harder for the Assistant DAs who work with the precinct to prosecute criminals.

Like the detectives, however, Huang has empathy first and foremost with victims of sexual assault, particularly children. He is usually very calm, soft-spoken, and even-tempered, except in one notable occasion (see below). As a psychiatrist, he sometimes offers his expertise to the detectives themselves, by helping them with any emotional problems they may have. One notable example is the Season 6 episode “Charisma” (#123). After the detectives see that several children have been murdered in a cult leader’s home, Huang sits down with each of the detectives individually.

Early in his career as a psychiatrist, Huang worked as a counselor for sex offenders, motivated by a genuine belief that he could rehabilitate them. He quit after a few years, however, frustrated by his patients’ unwillingness to truly participate in the therapy. As special agent assigned to the FBI’s New York City office, he was seconded to the 16th Detective Squad to help catch the same criminals he once treated.


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